Freezer Beef

The Process

We grow the animal at our farm from calf to finishing, deliver the animal for processing, communicate your processing instructions to our packer, and pick up/deliver your beef.


$2.90/lb hanging weight

Beef is priced by the hanging weight (about 65% of the live weight) and includes the animal, basic processing, and local delivery.  The hanging weight of a quarter is approximately 200-225 lbs.

Take-Home Weight

Your take-home weight is about half of the hanging weight depending on how you want the beef to be cut and processed.  A quarter typically results in 100-125 lbs of take-home weight and requires approximately 2-3 cubic feet of freezer space.

Processing Cuts & Choices

You choose the cuts you want, how large you want your roasts, how thick you want your steaks, and how many steaks per package.  (Single steak per package is a an additional $0.02/lb.)  Any cut you don’t want can be ground instead.  Some choices require extra processing and, therefore, extra cost (e.g. patties, stew meat, jerky, etc.).

Next Steps

We reserve orders by the month and require a $150 non-refundable deposit.  The remaining balance is due at delivery–check or cash only.  To place your order, call 517.484.2868 or email