About Us

Reese Farm Sweet Corn was founded over 60 years ago by Maggie Reese and her son, Bob Jr.  (The original farm is pictured above.)  Maggie and her husband, Bob Sr., sold brushes and other household goods door to door during the depression until they could afford to farm again.  The Reese family had a working dairy farm, and in the late 1950’s, began to raise sweet corn.  Maggie would carry the corn from the field to the road in her apron.  Through her superb sales skills, the sweet corn business began to grow.

In 1972, Bob, Jr. passed away, and his son, Robert III, began raising sweet corn with Grandma Reese.  At that time, they raised about twenty-five acres of sweet corn.  All of the corn was sold by Maggie at their roadside stand on Wood Road.

After graduating from Michigan State University, Robert III began to expand the sweet corn business.  Maggie continued to work at the stand until 1998, when she passed away at the remarkable age of 101! Now, Robert IV works alongside his dad, and Robert V can often be found riding in the tractor.

Reese Farm built its reputation by growing quality sweet corn and guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers.  The sweet corn is picked fresh daily–we never keep it for the next day–and is sold only at the stand on Wood Road.  We only sell the very best, but, as one of our signs says, “If you are not satisfied, tell us and we will make it right!”  We truly value and are thankful for our customers and our community.

We invite you to come visit and to enjoy our sweet corn!